Advice for Talking to Your Parents about Moving to an Assisted Living Community

One of the most difficult conversations adult children can have with their parents is one about moving to an assisted living center. Even when parents know that they need some help in their home, they may still initially be reluctant to consider moving into senior housing. If you plan on raising the subject of senior living communities near Dallas with your parents, these tips will help you have a productive conversation.

Choose the Right Time and Place

Where and when you broach the subject of assisted living can make an enormous difference in the tone of the conversation. Don't bring the issue up during a hectic event, such as a family gathering. Instead, wait until you have some quiet time one-on-one with your parents in a relaxed environment. Consider having the conversation on neutral ground, such as a restaurant, instead of at home. When you bring up the subject, make sure you have plenty of time to discuss the issues so the conversation doesn't feel rushed.

Be Prepared with Information

Be ready to tell your parents why you think assisted living services may be right for them, but phrase your concerns in a non-judgmental way. For instance, if you've noticed that your parents are struggling with housekeeping, tell them that you can imagine its difficult to keep up with the demands of their home instead of saying that the house is a mess. In addition to knowing what concerns you want to highlight, have information about a local senior community so you can tell your parents what to expect.

Advice for Talking to Your Parents about Moving to an Assisted Living CommunityHave Multiple Conversations

Avoid the urge to push your parents to make a decision right away. Be prepared to have an ongoing dialogue about the move as your parents adjust to the idea of change. Don't make assisted living the focus of every encounter with your parents. Instead, remain supportive as you encourage your parents to explore their options.