Getting Settled in a New Environment

The move into assisted living in Dallas is often the culmination of several life changes. Perhaps you sold your house, relocated to a different part of town, or both. With change, though, comes the opportunity to enjoy new relationships, activities, and experiences. To smoothly transition into assisted living, consider these helpful tips.

assisted living in Dallas

Unpack Upon Arrival
The comforts of home can be hard to come by when they’re still packed away in your moving boxes. Though it may take several hours to find a place for each of your belongings, the faster you unpack your possessions, the sooner you can relax and enjoy your assisted living facility. Putting away even just the basics such as your clothing and personal hygiene products can quickly instill a sense of home in your new senior living accommodations. If unpacking your belongings is too physically straining to do on your own, have friends, family, or your senior care associates help you.

Explore Your Surroundings
Senior living communities offer far more than just a place to rest your head each night. Many assisted living facilities come with extensive cafeterias, fitness centers, and entertainment rooms. Knowing where you should go for your meals and other daily needs can alleviate the anxiety that comes with moving to unknown surroundings.

Scout the Social Calendar
Isolation is a common problem for seniors who live on their own. If health or transportation issues restrict their ability to go out and spend time with loved ones, some individuals may spend days or even weeks with little social engagement. If you too have experienced social challenges before coming to assisted living, now you can make up for lost time. Assisted living facilities make it easy to mingle with fellow residents and establish lifelong friendships. Many retirement homes provide social calendar opportunities that cater to the varying interests of their residents. Whether you enjoy watching movies, playing cards, knitting, or going shopping, you can find activities that appeal to you and meet others who feel the same when you take advantage of your assisted living facility’s social events.