Home vs. "The Home"

We shouldn’t have to sacrifice a warm residential environment for more acute care, and fortunately there are operators, like Manchester Place, that strive to accomplish exceptional personal care in a residential home-like environment.

Senior Care Spectrum

Assisted living covers a wide spectrum, on one end assisted living may offer limited support for those who seek a more independent lifestyle while still being under the watchful eye of a caregiver. On the far end of the spectrum, advanced assisted living operators offer greater support and medical attention.

The goal of Manchester Place, an operation focused on advanced assisted living needs, is to promote healthy cognitive function and prevent isolation. According to this 2010 study, social engagement and nutritional factors play a vital role in an elderly person’s cognitive functioning and wellbeing.

Quality of Life

Our homes are an excellent choice for those of us who wish to avoid the traditional nursing home, because we understand that a home-like environment adds more quality of life to our loved ones, and we can offer a far greater level of service as well.

Welcome home

Unlike nursing homes, Manchester Place Care Homes are located in residential neighborhoods just like yours. Our residents enjoy their own private bedrooms and baths while they share homemade dinners around a communal dinner table. Also, our setting is smaller and more intimate. All of our rooms have natural lighting, which lightens the mood and connects residents to the outdoors. There are also outdoor communal spaces for residents to congregate and socialize. We know what you’re looking for: somewhere your loved one feels at home.