Safety At Manchester Place

Keeping our residents safe

Safety is very important to the wellbeing of assisted living residents. At Manchester Place we make this our highest priority. There are many ways for older adults to injure themselves, and it’s up to us to prevent harm from for those who live in our homes.

Before the fall

According to the CDC, one-third of Americans aged 65+have falls each year. It also reports that falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. At Manchester, we take into consideration the likelihood of our residents falling and make sure we do everything we can to ensure their safety.

Clear pathways

We make sure our staff is well trained and aware of our residents’ needs. This way our residents always have someone nearby to help prevent accidents. Our homes are carpeted with new and updated material that is kept clean and in good condition. Rugs are used sparingly to minimize the risk of tripping.

Our hallways and walkways are always kept clear for those who must use the restroom or gather in common areas. We keep the common spaces organized so that clutter does not accumulate, and we encourage residents to do the same in their own rooms for the same reason. You won’t see cords strewn across hallways and walkways; these are kept out of the way to avoid hazardous situations.

Right for sight

Our residents are elderly, so poor eyesight is common. Because of this, we must pay attention to lighting in our homes to make sure our residents can see where they are going. Whether it means adding another lamp or changing the light bulbs regularly, we maintain the house lighting standards to keep the pathways bright. This applies to the back patio as well as inside.

“Gotta go right now”

Experts believe that the majority of elderly people in big box nursing homes become incontinent because they can’t get the assistance they need in the time. I’ve heard horror stories of response time taking up to thirty or even forty minutes at larger nursing homes. At a Manchester Place, we are able to respond quickly to each resident.

Not only do we have plenty of staff, but our setup is made for our residents because simply going to the bathroom can be a challenge for those who are handicapped or have weakened bones and muscles. Our bathrooms are equipped for this very dilemma. With the appropriately placed grip-bars and handrails in our bathrooms, our residents are provided with the necessary safety measures to get through the bathroom/shower process safely. Also, we have staff available at all times for those who fear falling regardless of safety measures.

The bigger picture

Families and residents want a place for their loved one where they get the help they need as soon as they need it. That’s what we do here. An assisted living caregiver ratio is vital to the proper care of residents. Manchester’s caregiver ratio is 4:1, which means that for every four residents there is one caregiver. Caring for elderly residents is serious business, and in my opinion, it’s being done wrong by a lot of people. At Manchester Place Care Homes, we aim to combat that stigma and change the world of senior living.