Rain Or Shine, Guests In Mind

Over the last month or two, North Texas has experienced a lot of severe weather. Whether it was tornado warnings, flash floods, or severe thunderstorms, we’ve had to adjust to what blows our way.

It’s one thing to take cover in your own home and make sure your valuables are safe, but what about places like assisted living facilities? Some people are on oxygen in those residences, and others are easily disoriented by sounds as common as the A/C turning on. What happens when the power goes out and machines stop working?

Well, that’s the point; this can’t happen. We won’t let it.

It wasn’t long ago that the power in one of our Manchester homes went out due to a severe thunderstorm. Thanks to our anticipatory precautions, the generators kicked in instantly as planned, delivering the necessary power to keep the place running. Refrigerators kept working (we know how important that is), oxygen stayed on effectively, and emergency lights remained lit throughout the halls.

The most beautiful thing about having these generators installed is that when a power outage takes place in one of our homes, our attention isn’t spent on the equipment, but rather given to our people, our residents. We don’t have to panic, lose our cool and leave our residents to fend for themselves. Instead, we stay calm and collected, while making sure our residents get what they need and more importantly let them know they are safe and taken care of.

In addition to the generators, it’s vital to keep the residents informed of weather updates, safety measures, and keep the staff well versed on safety procedures. When the moment calls for it, staff will escort guests to the safest parts of the house, since Texas doesn’t have basements.

Though it may not snow a lot here, it can certainly freeze. For those occasions, we utilize our ice melter, which allows us to make the grounds much safer during the colder months.

On the other hand, when the weather is nice, we encourage residents to take a stroll or sit outside in the sun for a bit. We strive to utilize any means of making our guests healthier, happier and safer. This way, family visits aren’t just to check on their loved one's’ safety, but rather for an actual visit meant to enjoy time with their loved one.