Food For Thought

As we age, it becomes more important to pay special attention to our diet, because a proper diet affects our mental dexterity, energy levels, immune system and overall physical and emotional wellbeing. There are many aspects to creating an efficient, high-quality food service for seniors, and Manchester Place is implementing the most efficient trends.

First, take a look at the ingredients. Are they fresh? Wholesome? They should be. Chef Fredrick always makes sure to incorporate the freshest ingredients into his dishes for Manchester residents/guests. Just because the meals are healthy and fresh does not mean they lack flavor. While maintaining the health-conscious aspects, Chef Fredrick also makes every dish exquisite.

A proper food service program for seniors is one that can be flexible, as seniors have various dietary needs. Menus must be adaptable and still maintain the same nutritious quality and variety.

Food is a great way to stimulate conversation, camaraderie and the senses. We’re following the trend of a fine dining atmosphere that encourages socializing among residents. The home-like feel of the facility itself brings the residents closer to one another in smaller groups, so dinner time is family time - something that residents cherish. The comforting smell of herbs, spices and marinades is just a plus.

Your parents and grandparents shouldn’t have to eat processed food; it’s time for assisted livings to serve their residents delicious meals. Cutting corners isn’t an option, especially when from-scratch cooking methods allow more control of ingredients such as sodium and high-fructose corn syrup.

Menu-planning in high-end restaurants takes time, effort and creativity. That shouldn’t change in an assisted living facility. Residents should be treated like paying customers, who have acquired and mature tastes. At Manchester, we make sure our menus are fit to our residents’ needs, and we have fun with it too.