Manchester Senior Care Homes in Dallas

Manchester Place Care homes invite you to experience the most attentive assisted living in Dallas. Our four luxury care homes located in North Dallas, Richardson, East Dallas, and Preston Hollow offer the highest quality home care in North Texas with some of the lowest caregiver to resident ratios in the country. All of our caregivers

Assisted Living Dallas – Nursing Homes Near Dallas

Assisted Living in a neighborhood environment serving in Dallas, Tranquilla, Spring Valley & Queens Ferry Everyone needs a little help every once in a while. If your elderly loved one is having difficulty living on her own, consider suggesting assisted living. Before your loved one agrees to assisted living, however, she should have a decent idea of what to expect.

Residential Care Homes in Dallas

Quality Care in a neighbourhood environment serving in Dallas, Tranquilla, Spring Valley & Queens Ferry When you discover you or a loved one cannot live without occasional assistance, chances are that you will not have previously considered housing options. You or your loved one may not want to live in a nursing home facility in Dallas, which is why

How To Recognize a UTI in Aging Adults

It’s a topic few of us consider let alone discuss. But for families caring for aging adults, it’s important to know about and learn to recognize signs and symptoms for urinary tract infections, or UTIs.  UTIs occur when bacteria enters the area between the kidneys and urethra.   This can affect older adults more often due

A Mother and a Caregiver

Manchester coordinator and mother Erin Shuford was hired in 2009, while owner Dean Krasovitsky had just begun building the first Manchester residences. At the time, Erin was working in a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic and was looking to make a change, but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life. Her mother, who

Our role (and yours) in Patient Centered Care

More than a buzzword, “patient-centered care” has notably shifted the healthcare approach from a physician-dominated dialogue into a more collaborative mindset where patients are active participants. It’s a philosophy that pulls away from medicine motivated solely by productivity to that based on care through the patient’s eyes. The Institute of Medicine formally defines this as:

How Seniors Can Avoid Falls at Home

How Seniors Can Avoid Falls at Home One of the most important issues in elder care is preventing falls. Falls can lead to serious injuries and long-term immobility for seniors. This video shows ways seniors in retirement Homes near Dallas and beyond can reduce their risk of suffering falls. Start by ensuring that you have

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